Internet Pornography: Addiction, Habits and Health Issues

Have you unwittingly let yourself take part in the great internet pornography experiment? Indeed, there are certainly many eager test subjects. Canadian researcher Simon Lajeunesse found that boys as young as 10 years old surf internet pornography: Many teenage boys go on to develop life-long addictions and habits related to frequently surfing internet pornography. What about the health implications in this dangerous experiment? More on this later.

What makes internet pornography so different to previous history is the sheer abundance of material available online. Remember, guys today see more hot girls online in a few hours than others saw in an entire lifetime in previous years. Research has found that the greatest arousal produced by watching this material was not directly to do with nudity… but from the novelty of surfing countless volumes of online pornography at the click of a mouse button.

-The novelty factor together with the shock and surprise elements obtained from continuous surfing leads to arousal addiction.

This is where the health issues kick in. It has been found that long-term heavy use has the effect of producing symptoms of ADHD, depression, social behavioural disorders, difficulty concentrating and anxiety…

The brain is wired to seek rewards. However, hyper-stimulation of the brain’s reward circuitry produced by constantly watching internet pornography gives rise to high elevations in the neurotransmitter dopamine. This forms the basis of addiction, leading to structural changes in the brain. Yes, internet pornography changes the brain folks!

Internet pornography addiction is synonymous with drug addiction. Physiological studies show that both types of addict produce the same brain activity. Both report that everyday things normally enjoyed do not satisfy anymore, while the willpower to resist their addiction further weakens and withers away…

As time goes by, the degree of arousal in heavy internet pornography users decreases. So does the libido and sexual performance, which leads to impotence. Social problems manifest having trouble interacting with women… What about the way women are treated by men having been addicted to internet pornography since their early teens..? Some heavy users through extremities have changed their very nature and sexuality…

However, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. It exists in those who have kicked the habit. By giving up the habit and no longer having the addiction the brain’s structural changes can be reversed. Guys who have achieved this are invaluable to research because they have served as the missing control group in studies; those without the effects of internet pornography: Previously, researchers couldn’t find ANY guys who were not surfing pornography!

The symptoms of ADHD, depression, social behavioural disorders, difficulty concentrating and anxiety… mentioned earlier were originally thought to be the underlying root causes for the want to constantly surf pornography. However, now it has been found that in some cases it may be the other way round: These symptoms could manifest as a result of surfing too much pornography. A significant number of those who have kicked the habit report no longer having these symptoms.

Continuing with the bright side, some of those who have kicked the habit have reported having a ‘new lease of life.’ Besides no longer having the above symptoms they report feeling happier and now appreciate the finer things in life again, spend more time doing things such as taking up playing a musical instrument, learning a new language, having a better memory, are able to be calmer and find their relationships with the opposite sex much better than before.

There are a number of websites dedicated to helping out with addiction and how to overcome it. Some websites invite the ’90 day challenge.’ This involves kicking the habit, going 90 days without watching internet pornography.

4 Ways to Overcome Sugar Addiction For Maximum Arm Toning

Unlike the tooth fairy, sugar addiction is real. Very real. And if you want the fastest arm toning possible, you need to overcome it. Now I’ll be honest, overcoming any addiction is not easy, but there is hope.

How do we know that sugar addiction exists? First, sugar acts as a powerful painkiller in newborns. Second, rodents demonstrate alterations in dopamine receptors when given high intakes of sugar. The same type of alterations you see with drugs. Third, naxolone-a drug used to combat drug addictions-temporarily mitigates sugar addictions.

So let me ask you the million dollar question, do you think you are addicted to sugar? There are two effective ways for determining this. First, is your emotional state dependent on your sugar intake. Second, are you coming up with complex and detailed reasons as to why you are NOT addicted as you read this paragraph? Be brutally honest with yourself…

Here’s the bad thing about sugar: it can completely blunt your arm toning efforts. Why? Because it blocks your main fat burning hormone. Thus, in this article I am going to show you 4 effective tools for winning the war on sugar:

1. Sugar substitutes. Remember that strange aftertaste you used to get after drinking your favorite diet soda? Well, the good news is that sugar substitutes have changed a lot. And although a substitute won’t give you an energy high, it will taste just like sugar. My favorite one is stevia, an all natural herb from south America. Just don’t overdo it here because we still don’t know if high intakes of sugar substitutes are safe.

2. Loose leaf yerba mate taragui. More popular than coffee in south America, yerba mate is the most powerful craving killer I have ever found. Just make sure you keep on eating even though you aren’t hungry. This will prevent you from bingeing once the effect wears off. And be patient because it takes about an hour for the tea to take full effect.

3. Lifting weights. How is lifting weights related to sugar cravings? Because it increases your hunger a lot. How does increased hunger help fight a sugar addiction? The type of increased hunger you get from intense weight lifting readjusts your palate and makes average-tasting foods much more palatable.

4. Emotional healing. You need to address the emotional side of the addiction if you want long term success. The best method I have found for doing this is cognitive therapy. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David Burns M.D. is your best bet for self-administering this powerful method. Mind you, this is the number one recommended book by therapists.

Overcoming a sugar addiction is no walk in the park. And there are a lot of forces working against you. Especially the food industry. But if you want to maximize your arm toning, you have to tackle this monster head on. And remember, there are many tools at your immediate disposal that can help you win the war. The key is to apply this information now and not later. Do not wait, take action!