Jumping Exercise and You – Tips to Improve Your Vertical Jump

If you are a basketball player, you may want to know about jumping exercise so that you can both increase stamina and get better dunks in the bargain. These types of exercises will allow for greater flexibility as well as better conditioning of the athlete. So what do you need to know about this?

What are These Types of Exercises Used For

Jumping exercise is used for endurance, flexibility and speed. They will help the athlete become stronger, therefore making more dunks and slams as well as overall conditioning. Here are some of the exercises that are used.

  • Upper body -lateral skating, ski tuck jumps and 90 degree jumps
  • Lower body – decline hops, medicine ball lateral twist and bench jumps
  • Other upper body exercises will include rotations, 2 foot side hops and 1 leg butt kicks
  • Lower body will include side jumps, depth jumps, crunches and dips

These exercises train the body and build up the endurance of an athlete. These are mostly jumping exercise that will build strength and flexibility.

What Role Does Diet Play?

Diet plays a very vital role when it comes to total health of the athlete in question. A balanced diet with the right foods will keep the player healthy and strong. Here are some things to know when preparing for these types of jumping exercise.

  • A balanced diet that includes protein, fruits and vegetables will keep the athlete healthy and strong.
  • Rehydration and hydration will help to keep the body from wearing out and becoming dehydrated, which can affect performance.
  • Vitamin supplements from a trainer or doctor will also help to keep the body in optimum condition
  • A good diet that is balanced will also provide energy to the athlete

So you can see just how important totally body health and diet play in getting an athlete ready for these types of jumping exercise. Our last topic of discussion will be about the role that rest and sleep play in the total package.

What Does Rest and Sleep Have To Do With This

This may not be easily understood, but rest and recovery help to also keep the athlete sharp and on the toes. You cannot perform your best when you are sleep deprived. Here are some other facts that you may not know.

  • Getting enough sleep will help keep you mentally sharp
  • Getting the proper amount of sleep will also help your body to be optimized
  • The proper amount of sleep will also help your body to recover
  • Enough rest will help to keep you healthy

This is all critical to being able to perform jumping exercise easily and without strain. Any jumping exercise takes a lot of concentration and thought as well as activity. These exercises build the body, strengthen it and condition it for maximum flexibility.

This is why this type of exercise is recommended for you to improve not only your leg and body strength but also to condition and to be able to make super dunks.