Cancer Treatments – Take Only the Orthodox Treatment

This article discusses orthodox treatments for cancer. To define orthodox, we mean surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment as approved by health authorities and provided widely by medical professionals. The alternatives to orthodox treatments are just that – alternatives. They are lumped together under that heading and are not discussed in this article. Here we consider which type of treatment a cancer patient can take but only in the field of orthodox treatments.

There is only one question to answer. Which of the orthodox treatments will you receive? You could receive one or more than one of the orthodox forms of treatment. How many and which type of treatment depends on where your cancer is located, how early it has been diagnosed, if the cancer has spread to another part or parts of your body and how old and how healthy you are.

Generally speaking, orthodox cancer treatments can have a powerful impact on the patient’s wellbeing. It’s the old adage of becoming sick to become better. In most cases, a young, fit and healthy [apart from the cancer] person will be far better able to withstand the rigors of treatment than a frail and elderly patient. The amount and type of treatment is therefore adjusted according to various factors.

And while the decision is made not to use any alternative forms of treatment, that doesn’t mean the patient can’t undergo several forms of orthodox treatment. Some patients will have surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

You, the patient, as an adult make the final decision on which treatment you will receive. You will base your decision on an understanding of all the facts. The facts can be roughly divided into two parts. [a] what is wrong with you? and [b] what will happen if you take a certain type of treatment? You need the facts before making the decision.

Some patients don’t want to discuss their prognosis. They put their trust in the medical professionals and leave it up to them to decide the best form of treatment. Other patients want to know every piece of information there is to know. What will this treatment do to me? Will it cure my cancer? How long have I got to live? What will happen to me if I don’t have this type of treatment? And so on.

Every type of orthodox treatment will have side effects. But if the treatment is recommended then the possible side effects are the price you need to pay to achieve your goal. Remember that the experts may not be accurate in their prediction of various things – if your cancer is incurable, if the recommended treatment will do what is expected and how strong will be your side effects. Medicine is sometimes an inexact science.

If you choose only the orthodox type of treatment, you will be joining multi-millions of patients who have done so in the past. Many people have beaten cancer using orthodox treatment. It can be said that it takes courage to refuse any form of orthodox treatment although quite a few patients do. It’s your body and it’s your decision.